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Haj Botanics

The Microdosing Company

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Welcome to Haj Botanics, a sanctuary where the wonders of nature merge with innovative science to create solutions for mental health and wellness. We believe in the incredible power of mushrooms, nature's silent healers, as therapeutic agents. Our journey has led us to develop three potent, mushroom-based formulas - Brain Buzz, Brain Flow, and Brain Melt, available in infused honey jars and vegan capsules.

Here at Haj, our mission extends beyond offering products. Our goal is to enable individuals and communities to view mental health as a precious resource, as invaluable as wealth itself. We are devoted to uncompromising research, embracing the latest technology, and endorsing practices that respect our planet so that our footprint on Earth is as gentle and kind as the mushroom's touch on the human mind.

Infused Honey Jars & Vegan Capsules

Brain Buzz honey and vegan capsules. Haj Botanics microdosing company. Adaptogenic mshrooms

Our infused honey jars and vegan capsules are not just products - they are an invitation to explore the profound, yet subtle, impact of mushrooms on your wellness journey. We invite you to delve into the unique benefits of each formula, from enhancing cognitive function and nerve growth to fostering restful sleep and promoting energy and endurance. Our infused honeys, sweetened with nature's nectar, can easily be incorporated into your daily routine, offering the nourishment of medicinal mushrooms in every spoonful.

We strive to blend the wisdom of nature with the advancements of science, ensuring our products are as effective as they are accessible. So, embark on a journey of transformation with us - explore our site, discover our unique blends, and immerse yourself in the world of mushrooms and wellness. Here's to living our best lives, naturally! Welcome to Haj Botanics - where mental health is wealth.

Products & Formulas

Infused Honey Jar

The flavor of the honey is amazing, definitely top tier. I highly recommend it to everyone. Great experience and you can pretty much use the honey with everything!

Anyel, CO

About Haj

We are Hayley & Taj

We believe mental health is wealth and should be accessible to everyone. We knew we wanted to share what helped our personal wellness journeys with others, and thus Haj Botanics was born!

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