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In accordance with existing regulations surrounding psilocybin products, our Brain Flow and Brain Melt formulas are not accessible for online purchases. However, we value your wellness journey and have put in place a discreet, secure method for acquiring these specific formulas. Simply reach out to us with your order request by sending an email to or texting the Haj Hotline at 303-518-2686. These messages land directly in our hands, and we're more than ready to cater to your needs promptly, as we maintain ample inventory for these items. We aim for honesty and discretion as we assist you in procuring these distinctive wellness aids.

Brain MELT Capsules


    Embrace the world of therapeutic psychedelics with our Brain Melt Vegan Capsules. Each container holds 10 capsules, each containing 0.5 grams of our powerful Shakti psilocybin mushrooms. These capsules are specifically designed for those who want a more profound, spiritually enlightening experience without sacrificing the convenience of a capsule form. Ideal for use in therapeutic settings, personal growth, or simply to enhance your connection to the world around you, our Brain Melt Vegan Capsules provide the perfect balance of potency and ease-of-use for those ready to explore the deeper realms of consciousness.

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