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In accordance with existing regulations surrounding psilocybin products, our Brain Flow and Brain Melt formulas are not accessible for online purchases. However, we value your wellness journey and have put in place a discreet, secure method for acquiring these specific formulas. Simply reach out to us with your order request by sending an email to or texting the Haj Hotline at 303-518-2686. These messages land directly in our hands, and we're more than ready to cater to your needs promptly, as we maintain ample inventory for these items. We aim for honesty and discretion as we assist you in procuring these distinctive wellness aids.

Linden Edition: Brain Flow Honey


    Embark on a sensory journey and uplift your cognitive capabilities with our Limited-Edition Brain Flow Linden Honey Jar. This exclusive blend marries the unparalleled richness of rare Linden Honey with our prized Shakti psilocybin mushrooms. Crafted to unlock realms of creativity, enhance concentration, and boost holistic well-being, this infusion stands as a testament to nature's alchemy. Each 4oz jar encapsulates 1 gram of psilocybin, curating a gentle and harmonious experience that paves the way for lucidity and tranquility. The Brain Flow Linden Honey infusion is an ode to those seeking to intertwine the art of microdosing with daily life, without venturing into a profound psychedelic voyage.

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